Operational software driven by proprietary hardware that allows your business to engage in unimagined ways. The WORLD WIDE TECHNOLOGIES way.

turnkey business solutions

Our range of services and products are engineered to offer businesses the chance to radicalise their operations in a ever prospering continent, where challenges are hard but the rewards are tenfold.

Offering turnkey solutions that offers the best of a wide merit of technoligies allows your business to adapt to an ever-lasting need to have a strong technical and digital presence within your respective target market.

Innovation excites a sense of long-term focused sustainable growth. Innovating is what we are best at. Hand-crafted custom solutions for each one of our clients.

Our software development facility allows us to offer applications and data systems that smoothens your operations.

Our highly specialised range of products and hardware is built in Africa, for Africa. Highly focused technical specs on these products and industry leading engineering makes products that your business can rely on, no matter what.

At our core we are driven by how the technology solutions we offer drives forward development in Africa for a large range of industries.



Running a business in the digital age is very complex, there is so much one should consider, at World Wide Technologies we bring together a wide range of experts to provide a one stop shop for hardware, software and strategy. Our proven track record and innovation in a wide range of markets is something we rely on heavilly to ensure new clients that we can help them. We make the unachievable achievable with our multi-discipline strategy.


Our software and apps are written with the latest technologies, we ensure that they fullfill the purpose that they are coded for and exceed our clients expectations. Our multi-cultured dev teams in India, South Africa and the UK ensures that we have complete oversight of the latest trends.


All of our hardware are developed to meet your specifications, these are built in our technically advanced factories in China, assembled in South Africa and delivered accross the globe to a wide range of businesses and markets, both small and massive. This hardware is built with the best components and we ensure that each product that leaves our warehouse meets our quality standards.


Our goal is to make your operations more economical, we do this by applying our experience with full stack business solutions and implementing our solution perfectly within your business.



Global business is a combination of amazing opportunities and extraordinary challenges. In order to understand the dynamism of businesses and to exploit opportunities, organizations need access to current, accurate, and actionable inputs and knowledge for strategic decision-making. We research on your customers, prospects and markets. We analyse market segments, industries and companies.
WWT’s hardware and firmware development capabilities are applicable for all business environments ranging from home offices to large corporations. The team of proven experts incorporates all the latest technologies and languages to design and develop hardware, create a prototype, test and debug it, providing complete system integration.
WWT can help you take advantage of the rapidly growing segment of mobile application development. Mobile apps can help increase engagement and foster customer loyalty and brand recognition. At WWT, we have a team of knowledgeable developers and creative designers that can implement mobile applications for handheld devices of varying complexity. Our applications for wireless devices range from intricate networking applications to complex mobile-user interfaces.
We design and build a custom API explorer interface and test platform for your third party services for ease of integration without the hassle of conversion. On this platform the developer, can convert the data to the format he require from SOAP, JSON, XML or just in a string.
We at WWT have developed the best boilerplate that is currently available. This boilerplate is a super versatile and universal to adapt to any SaaS application needed with a list of advantages. Our Full stack is the MEVN+L Stack and layer preference consist of the following:
Once the fifth layer is complete, we start with a service level agreement which will constantly re-run the entire FIBS cycle to make imrpovement to the service stack on a constant basis.



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